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Screening for confabulations with the confabulation screen

NEUROPSYCHOL REHABIL , 2020, vol. 30, n° 1, p. 116-129
Doc n°: 190453
Localisation : Centre de Réadaptation de Lay St Christophe

D.O.I. : https://doi.org/10.1080/09602011.2018.1464475

Descripteurs : AD67 - MEMOIRE

The objective of this work is to devise and validate a sensitive and specific test for confabulatory impairment. We conceived a screening test for confabulation, the Confabulation Screen (CS), a brief test using 10 questions of episodic memory (EM), where confabulators most frequently confabulate. It was postulated that the CS would predict confabulations not only in EM, but also in the other subordinate structures of personal temporality, namely the present and the future. Thirty confabulating amnesic patients of various aetiologies and 97 normal controls entered the study. Participants were administered the CS and the Confabulation Battery (Dalla Barba, G., & Decaix, C. (2009). "Do you remeber what you did on March 13 1985?" A case study of confabulatory hypermnesia. Cortex, 45(5), 566­574). Confabulations in the CS positively and significantly correlated with confabulations in personal temporality domains of the CB, namely EM, orientation in time and place and episodic plans. Conversely, as expected, they did not correlate with confabulations in impersonal temporality domains of the CB. Consistent with results of previous studies, the most frequently observed type of confabulation in the CS was Habits Confabulation. The CS had high construct validity and good discriminative validity in terms of sensitivity and specificity. Cut-off scores for clinical and research purposes are proposed. The CS provides efficient and valid screening for confabulatory impairment.

Langue : ANGLAIS

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