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Which interventions are useful for managing muscle spasticity in individuals who sustained traumatic brain injury? ­ A Cochrane Review summary with commentary

NEUROREHABILITATION , 2018, vol. 44, n° 1, p. 157-159
Doc n°: 189102
Localisation : Centre de Réadaptation de Lay St Christophe

D.O.I. : http://dx.doi.org/10.3233/NRE-189003
Descripteurs : AD32 - SPASTICITE

BACKGROUND: Spasticity is a frequent symptom after traumatic brain injury. OBJECTIVE: To assess the effects of different interventions used for muscle spasticity after TBI. METHODS: To summarize a rehabilitation perspective "Cochrane Review" conducted by Synnot et al. RESULTS: Nine studies were involved for the Cochrane review. Poor report on the results of the studies that tested the effectiveness of interventions in spasticity are responsible for the low quality of the evidence. Most of the studies reported results in terms of decreasing spasticity and limiting effects in terms of how the decrease spasticity and no reports on the beneficial effects in terms of improving activities and participation. CONCLUSIONS: High quality adequately powered trials in patients with TBI should be encouraged.

spasticité musculaire, lésion cérébrale

Langue : ANGLAIS

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