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Staff des internes du DES de MPR : bibliographie


Cette rubrique a pour vocation de recenser les nouveaux articles jugés pertinents pour les présentations des staffs de bibliographie des jeudis matin organisés pour et par les internes de MPR de Nancy. 

Cette sélection d'articles sera actualisée en fonction des sorties des différentes revues.


JSCM The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine


Vol.  46/6 - Novembre 2023


  • Comparative analysis of effects of various toilet seat cushions on buttock pressure during toileting in persons with spinal cord injury.Takanori Namba, Kazunari Furusawa, Yoshio Tanimoto et al.

  • Effectiveness of immersive virtual reality training to improve sitting balance control among individuals with acute and sub-acute paraplegia: A randomized clinical trial. Tanya Goel, Nidhi Sharma, Ajay Gehlot et al.









Vol.  53/3

  • Efficacy and safety of vagus nerve stimulation on upper extremity motor function in patients with stroke: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trial.  T. WE, X.GE, L.LU et al. (p. 253-267)

  • Effect of dancing on freezing of gait in patients with Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis. H. M. MAHMOUD, Z. I. AL-TURKISTANI, M. S. ALAYAT et al. (p. 269-284)

  • Long-term effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) combined with speech language therapy (SLT) on post-stroke aphasia patients: A systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Y. YOU, Y. LI, Y. ZHANG et al. (p. 285-296)

  • Immediate effects of multimodal cognitive therapy in mild cognitive impairment. Y. KIM, W. OH, J. H. YOU (p. 297-308)

  • Extrinsic feedback facilitates mental chronometry abilities in stroke patients. J. STUERNER, A. SEHLE, J. LIEPERT (p. 347-354)

  • Diffusion tensor imaging magnetic resonance imaging (DTI-MRI) helps to tailor speech therapy: A case report with a short narrative review. D. L. LUIGI, F. C. MUCCIO (p. 397-402)  

Neurorehabilitation and neural repair


Vol.  37/11-12 - Décembre 2023


Vol.  37/7 - Juillet 2023




Vol.  15/11 Novembre 2023

  • Ultrasound guidance versus landmark guidance for intrathecal baclofen pump refill: A randomized pilot study. Shane N. Stone, Daniel Wei, Christopher Reger

  • Ultrasound-guided injection of the elbow: Cadaveric description for the proximal to distal approach. Vincenzo Ricci, Kamal Mezian, Ke-Vin Chang et al.

  • Targeted muscle reinnervation and regenerative pripheral nerve interfaces for pain prophylaxis and treatment : a systematic review. Jaclyn T. Mauch, Denis S. Kao, Janna L. Friedly et al.

  • Effect of physical therapy timing on patient-reported outcomes for individuals with acute low back pain: A systematic review with meta analysis of randomized controlled trials. Amy W. McDevitt, Catherine G. Cooper, Jason M. Friedrich et al. 

  • Effects of mirror therapy on spasticity and sensory impairment after stroke: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Elena Munoz-Gomez, Marta Ingles, Marta Aguilar-Rodriguez et al.


Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation


Vol.  30/8 - Décembre 2023